The Future of Cover Management is Here.

The TarpDevil is a brand-new innovation, custom engineered specifically with the Golf Course Superintendent and Sports Turf Manager in mind. This tractor mounted, hydraulically controlled cover management system drastically reduces the burden of deploying and collecting tarps, and significantly increases the lifespan of covers through proper handling and storage. Conservative estimates suggest that TarpDevil will pay for itself in two or three seasons with short-term returns coming from labour efficiencies, and longer-term returns coming from an extension of cover life spans through improved handling and storage.
Turf Care Products Canada is the new, exclusive TarpDevil Distributor for Ontario and Quebec.

See TarpDevil in action; watch the video:


Why Use TarpDevil?

  • Requires significantly less time and resources than manual methods – greatly reducing labour dependency in spring and fall
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Low cost of ownership – conservative estimates suggesting ROI within 2 or 3 seasons
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Quicker cover removal in spring, minimizing risk of damage to greens
  • Greatly increases the lifespan of covers through improved handling and storage

Based on data from time trials conducted at an 18-hole golf course, the TarpDevil unit saved an amazing 42%!

Manual Method Using TarpDevil
Golf Holes 18 18
Number of Covers 20 20
Number of Labourers 12 8
Labour Hours 300 160
Labour Cost $5000 $3500


  • This is representative of a single collection or deployment.
  • Annual savings would double if used for collection and deployment.
  • These savings are representative of an 18-hole facility. For multi-course facilities, savings should be multiplied accordingly.
  • These savings are reflective of a single tarp protocol. For multi-tarp protocols, savings should be multiplied accordingly.

*Savings and efficiencies may vary depending on the conditions at the time of collection or deployment. In addition, size of tarps, properties, transport routes and other course infrastructure may increase or decrease savings noted above.

Contact your Turf Care Representative for Pricing:
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Derek Therrien, Ottawa – 613-290-7403
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