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Finally, there is an effective, eco-friendly alternative to chemical herbicides with proven results! Foamstream is an award-winning system, new to North America which safely and effectively kills weeds, moss and algae using a precise application of hot water and foam. Also highly effective for multi-purpose cleaning and gum removal, Foamstream is the ideal all-in-one solution to eliminate unwanted vegetation and keep streets, walkways, parks and shorelines clean! The patented, biodegradable foam is made from 100% organic plant-based materials, making it completely safe no matter where it’s used, even in sensitive environments. Foamstream is NOT a herbicide and has been approved for use in organic systems, meaning that it is safe for unrestricted use around children and pets.

The most effective herbicide-free weed control solution on the market

Backed by independent research from the University of Cambridge and NIAB, Foamstream is a precision application system like no other on the market today. When comparing treatment cycles and overall efficacy, this is the closest thing to herbicide. For moss and algae treatment, Foamstream is the most effective solution on the market, even when compared to herbicides. What differentiates this system is the unique combination of hot water AND the patented biodegradable foam. This combination requires 50% fewer treatment cycles than alternative solutions, resulting in a significant savings, particularly in labour costs. With an average kill rate of 95%, vs. a mere 60% for the most effective alternative methods, there’s really no comparison.

Triple action advantage

Unlike alternative vegetation management solutions, Foamstream’s triple action advantage is not only in killing the weed itself, but also in sterilizing the seeds and damaging the root, which is the key to the long lasting and highly effective results.

Easy and efficient application

The Foamstream system is extremely easy to operate, with minimal training and no protective clothing required, and is compact enough to fit in the bed of any pick-up truck. All weather application means that you can treat the weeds rain or shine. Foamstream can be applied in, and remains effective in rain or wind, meaning no weather delays.

How Foamstream works

Foamstream’s revolutionary system uses handheld lances for precision application of the highly effective mixture of hot water and patented, plant-based, biodegradable foam.

  1. Heat is applied to the unwanted vegetation in the form of hot water and foam
  2. Precision application ensures that surrounding vegetation is undamaged
  3. The foam acts as a thermal blanket, keeping heat on the weed long enough to kill it
  4. A wetting agent in the foam speeds up the rupture of the weed’s cell walls, killing the weed rapidly
  5. Depending on the size of the weed, usually only a few applications are necessary to sterilize seeds and reach tap roots for complete eradication

Download the Infographic – The Foamstream Life-cycle

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