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Flowtronex is the world leader in golf irrigation pumping systems, with systems operating in over seventy countries around the world, and over 15,000 installations. Top PGA courses, key Golf Course Consultants and knowledgeable Superintendents consistently turn to the leading pumping system manufacturer for their golf irrigation pump station solutions. Turf Care Products Canada has been the exclusive Flowtronex Distributor for Eastern Canada for more than 20 years. 

Through the recent alliance with Toro, and backed by Xylem’s full breadth of water management products and services, Flowtronex is the only provider of integrated water management solutions, and can truly take care of customers from Source to Course ™. We also meet the critical need of after-sales installation and service with reliable FlowNet™ factory authorized service, offered exclusively in Ontario by FlowNet certified Pumps Plus. 

Silent Storm Vertical Pump Station

Silent Storm Vertical Pump Station

  • The apex of variable speed water pumping system technology
  • Designed for easy set and start – the ultimate in fully-programmable pump stations
  • Integrates precision computer control with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) efficiency
  • Can interface with TORO, Lynx and Site Pro 
  • Completely UL Listed for both US and Canada
  • Available in vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Works in harmony with Xylem’s line of integrated water management solutions



PACE Integrated Pump Controller



  • Advanced integration for remote monitoring, control, reporting and diagnostics of the pump station and other networked equipment
  • Designed to maximize water and energy efficiency and conservation
  • Supports Power Guard feature in TORO Lynx central controls
  • Reduce operating costs & increase productivity



Oasis g2 Retrofit Controller 


  • Adds computerized control to any fixed speed or variable speed pump station, regardless of manufacturer
  • The microprocessor-based controller offers easy navigation and smooth pump operation via simple push button interface
  • Weather resistant, UL Listed, and comes equipped in a NEMA 4 and 12 dual rated enclosure
  • Low cost retrofit for extending the life of your old station, including filtration control
  • VFD control capability for up to 3 main pumps plus PMP



Reliable After-Sales Installation & Service

Flowtronex FlowNet certified service technicians provide turn-key installations and professional after sales service. Offered exclusively in Ontario by Pumps Plus. (**Custom Upgrades and VPD Upgrades available)


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